Qi Gong, the cultivation of the energy

The word 'Qi' expresses the vital energy, the breath and the balance between universal and earthly energies,

The word 'Gong' expresses the labour and practice of humans. Together the words 'Qi Gong" can be seen to mean the cultivation of vital energy, 'the art of nourishing your life'.

If a person devotes time to the practice of Qi Gong, then he/she can balance within him/herself the energies of the heavens and the earth, and live in harmony.

In Qi Gong we learn series of exact movements, tuina (a kind of Chinese 'physical therapy'), poses, relaxation and later on breathing techniques which relieve tension and blocks and awaken the current of energy in the body.

Qi Gong is a wonderful tool for prosperity and better health. It improves and strengthens the practices used by the body, the active sensitivity of alternative therapies and the quality of education, developing the entire conscience of who we really are. It helps us widen the horizons which we have unconsciously set for ourselves and to get in tune with other dimensions of ourselves. Qi Gong goes hand in hand with the quantum nature and mechanics which open up unlimited possibilities.

Qi Gong is a substantial labour of vital energy which nourishes and enriches the body, the soul and the spirit. Thus a person conquers the necessary power and structure to progress on the road of internal enlightenment and development.

However, first and foremost, Qi Gong offers immediate gratification through its exercises, discovery of new senses within a relaxing atmosphere and with a good attitude.

This text was pieced together using extracts from Alain Ratie and Master Bernard Sauturel. You can visit their sites (in french)at:



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